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Kikue Yamamoto; Office Yamamoto Ltd., Representative

Want some tips to communicate better with Japanese, even if you don't speak Japanese?

Or do you wanto to know how to avoid common mistakes by people new to Japan?

Or do you want to find out how to impress at a job interview with a Japanese employer?

Or might you be interested in learning how to work more effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds?

We have solutions for you!

You will find out first-hand what it’s like to work with me as your coach or as your trainer.

Office Yamamoto concept

We are committed to helping people develop themselves to work better and to enjoy working with people of different cultures, particularly with the Japanese. 

In an increasingly global world, our services aim to use your existing individual and cultural styles while at the same time promoting your understanding of other cultural styles. 

Individuals in every setting—at work, at home, and in the culture at large—clearly share one thing in common: when faced with cultural differences, we all need personal leadership skills to help us develop the capacity to go beyond differences, and to transform our responses depending on the situation. We can learn to use intercultural communication theories effectively to promote better understanding and to provide us with a practical guide that we can use daily in many situations.


・Personal Leadership
・Executive Coaching
・Training and Workshops
・Facilitation of Multi-cultural Meetings

Subject Matter Expertise

Personal Leadership (Yamamoto's being recognized as PL Senior Facilitator), multi-cultural team-building, development of intercultural skills and awareness, global management, global leadership, coaching, performance management, inter-personal communication, presentation skills, and meeting facilitation.

Training Methods

My main methods include facilitation of experiential learning methods, role-playing, simulations, exercises, and discussion, with some lectures as needed. I use theoretical knowledge along with anecdotes based on actual working experiences to capture its essence of the topic given and/or lead to Kaizen=continual improvements.

Sample Client List

  • Apple, Inc. Japan (Ginza, Sendai, Sapporo, Osaka)
  • BASF Japan
  • Citibank Japan
  • Dell Co. Ltd. (in China)
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Nikon Corp.
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • MITSUBISHI Electric, Ltd.
  • NTT Group
  • Toshiba Denki Co.
  • US Navy (Sasebo, Yokosuka) & Japan Self-Defense
  • Many more

  • For more details, please contact: Kikue Yamamoto; Office Yamamoto Ltd., Representative

Phone and Fax: 81-(0)22-228-2820
Cell Phone: 81-(0)90-2984-4411
E-mail: yamamotokk44@gmail.com


Rita Wuebbeler

Interglobe Cross-Cultural Business ServicesInc., President Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I have known and worked with Kikue for 7 years. She has coached me through some very challenging personal and professional situations. Her clear sense of what's really important and "at stake" have helped me find clarity and then take "right action". I can highly recommend Kikue as a coach and Personal Leadership practitioner and teacher.

Naofumi Suzuki

Toyota Motor Corp., Former employee, New Light Services Co., Advisor

Until I got a support from Yamamoto-san as my coach, I had been thinking only about different ways of instructing my subordinates.  I realized, for the first time, the importance of thinking of subordinates’ thoughts and emotions.  Why? Of course, for me to become more effective as a leader.  

Ai Nagura

President, Aiko Limited.

My purpose for coaching with Ms. Yamamoto is to find my life purpose and a direction for my future . . . with her asking me questions, I got to think from different point of views that I normally don’t see. Not only her questions, but her suggestions and experiences made me to come to a kind of realization. Sessions with her were relaxing. I attained my purpose faster than I had originally expected. My gratitude!

Ichiro Anzai

Erhardt+Leimer Japan Ltd., President Representative Director

You might need to recognize where you are now, what problems you are facing, how you could improve, in order to fix any of your concerns for better management with your job. I recommend that you consider working with Yamamoto-san, who is a great support in coaching you on how best to manage these concerns. Yamamoto-san supports you as an excellent coach.

Kazushige Sehata

BASF Japan, Former VP, ReConnect, Representative, ATEHAS, Representative, Kawalabo, owner.

Ten years have passed since I asked Yamamto-san to work with me as my coach in 2008. She patiently guided me to search for my true self and how I want to be. It took me a long time to release myself from many “shoulds” and “musts”.  Now I feel much appreciation!